100% Belgian production in our factory

State-of-the-art equipment

Slicing, cutting, stamping, milling, pressing, gluing, piercing, finishing, laminating, printing… Sipla offers a multitude of production techniques provided by constantly evolving machinery.
Whether traditional or digital, our equipment will be used depending on the products to be made, the quantity to be produced and the result to be obtained. During our discussions, we will suggest the best possible production technique that will meet your expectations at the right price.

From the graphic design to production

On the basis of your requests, Sipla can handle the graphic design of any project. For each project, a personalised analysis is carried out to define the choice of the best material, the manufacturing techniques, the positioning of the objects in the foam or, for example, the 2D/3D creation of a logo. We make the plans, the prototypes, you validate it and we can produce.

Sipla handles the project from A to Z… all in-house skills that will make your project a reality.

machine fecken
machine fraiseuse