Open cells …
flexibility, comfort and protection

Polyurethane, polyether or polyester foams are open-cell expanded materials commonly known as PU. Mainly used in furniture and packaging for their comfort and flexibility, their high impact and vibration resistant qualities make them an ideal material for technical and presentation packaging.
These foams are available in various densities (18 to 50kg/m³), various resiliences, antistatic versions, etc… As they are permeable to air and water, they guarantee a good thermal and acoustic coefficient.They are also very resistant over time. In packaging, these materials can be used on their own or combined with polyethylene or EVA foams.
Furthermore, at Sipla they are 100% reused for the production of agglomerated foams. Our team will advise you in the best possible way in order to be able to choose the most suitable material from our wide range of products.